Public Documents:

Greenpoint-Williamsburg Rezoning Final Environmental Impact Statement (03/04/2005)

Greenpoint-Williamsburg Rezoning FEIS
Chapter 27: Response to Comments (01/19-29/2005 p1-p42, 11/13-25/2003 p42-p118) [PDF]

2005 Points of Agreement

Greenpoint Waterfront 197-A-Plan Community Based Plan 2002 [PDF]
Williamsburg Waterfront 197-A Plan Community Based Plan 2002 [PDF]

Jane Jacobs letter to Bloomberg (04/15/2005)


Portals & General Information:

Greenpoint-Williamsburg Contextual Rezoning (03/02/2009)

Greenpoint Historic District (Designated 09/14/1983 Amended 07/26/2005)

Greenpoint-Williamsburg Follow Up Corrective Action for the 2005 Rezone (01/25/2006)

Department of City Planning (DCP) motherboard

Greenpoint-Williamsburg Land Use and Waterfront Plan

Environmental Review Process

Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP)

CEQR Technical Manual


1961 Winter Zoning Maps reveal distinction between Williamsburg (R6) & Greenpoint (R4) districts
1974 Summer New York City Department of City Planning proposes Mixed Use Zoning
1974 Fall Greenpoint's residential district was upzoned from R4 to R6
1982 September Greenpoint's Historic District was established
1987 Spring Revived interests in "inclusionary housing"
1992 Summer New York City Department of City Planning releases New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan: Reclaiming the City's Edge
2002 Spring New York City Department of City Planning prepares Greenpoint & Williamsburg Waterfront 197-A Plans
2003 Fall City Planning issues Positive Declaration, Environmental Assessment Statement & Draft Scope of Work for the rezoning of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg waterfront
2003 Fall Public hearing to comment
2004 Spring Final Scoping Document, including public comments
2004 Summer Waterfront Access Plan was approved by City Planning
2004 Fall Draft of Environmental Impact Statement based upon final scope
2005 Spring Greenpoint-Williamsburg Land Use Plan adopted by City Council
2005 Fall Greenpoint-Williamsburg Inclusionary Housing Program issued by New York City Department of City Planning and City Department of Housing Preservation and Development
2005 Winter Public Review Process
2005 Winter Final Environmental Impact Statement issued with Chapter 27
2006 Winter Greenpoint-Williamsburg Follow Up Corrective Action
2008 Spring Completion of FIES for rezoning of Domino
2009 Summer Greenpoint-Williamsburg Contextual Rezoning adopted by City Council
2010 Spring Grand Street Rezoning adopted with modification